Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Magical Medicine

I AM SUFFERING. the return of the deadly sore throat. I coughed blood out. =) what's next? my lungs maybe. My cure: strepsils, fisherman's friend, honey lemon, salt water. And they all seem to be useless. I sound as sexy as ever now. My voice cannot get any more lower and hoarse. This is sad. All the ice-cream, fried stuff, cold drinks, almost everything likable is now untouchable.

So anyway....on a brighter note
I'm back! OMG. yeah sure whatever. I haven't been blogging for awhile now and my sincere apologies to my loyal readers. I'm not sure whether I still have any. I doubt so due to my long term absence almost all the time. Well I'm sure you all know. Due to exams and using exams as an excuse cause the main reason is laziness and yes just laziness only. I have disappeared. Well I've been thinking about plenty of things to blog about. At least I used to. I'll just move on with life now.

Currently, the biggest thing to look forward to now. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL! Manchester United vs Barcelona. whoooo! I think I'm gonna stay up all the way.

okay. I'm done for now. HAHA
no seriously I am. I'm too sick to blog. but I promise you all more interesting post to come. all you people need to do is just.....wait. Like how you all have been doing so well =)

Peace out,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's me....again

I'm bored.
For those of you who's feeling the same or even not the same
or for those of you who has been suffering in life or being ignorant and silly
this is definitely your cure


not the blog in general, only on the post about me. I mean whoops. Just go and you'll know. Satisfaction guaranteed. Maybe you've already seen it, but there's no harm in being mesmerized again. =)....soooo, stop reading my blog already and GO NOW!!

(there meijing, i've indirectly blogged about you x)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Back to life

So, right now....Sports rehearsals have been going on for the past few days. Hot sun. Boredom. Tiredness. Shouting. Stomping. Drinking lots and lots of water. And just...not studying. Exams are really soon although it feels like the previous one just finished. Sports day is this Sunday. And I'm at home alone now, online, blogging. What do I do tomorrow? or what should I do with the rest of my life.

I feel that life has come to a certain point where I need a change in it. Something extraordinary, special or maybe even different would be enough. So people always say you live life to the fullest, but how do you actually do it properly? Hmmm. I sound miserable now. Maybe I should stop. So how has life been for you guys? =) ? =/ ? or =( ?

I haven't had any exercise for a long time and I miss football and handball. Need some intense sport 1 day to kill me. To pile up the misery, I've been eating like Garfield. Fat and fat and more fat. ooooh lala lipids. On the other hand, I need to watch fast and furious 4. I love action packed movies. Fast and furious 4 is an action packed movie. Overflowing with it. So it needs me and I need it. Anyone cares to make me a happy little kid and take me to the movies? =)

I've been feeling very....tired. My body ain't functioning well. Everytime after school now. The 1st thing I would do the moment I reach back home is sleep. Even if i don't really feel tired. I'd just somehow make or force exhaustion back into me and knock myself out. So the conclusion is I feel like I haven't done anything really productive. which somehow needs to stop.

Now, I've lost the mojo of blogging.
So i'm out.
Hopefully I'll post something more interesting up on this blog to not lose my loyal fans.
Oh great, there's Helang sports practice tomorrow at school on a Saturday because Helang hasn't perfected the whole routine. Honestly, I think the Harimaus look pretty cool with their marching stuff.

Peace out,


I have nothing else to do so I decided to post this up and show you guys how lifeless/creative judah is. well not only him, maybe I participated in this conversation too. =) p.s. ignore the obscene parts, well only if you think there are any. Enjoy!

judah. says: (8:31:20 PM)ello

Ron says: (8:32:00 PM)mellow

judah. says: (8:32:07 PM)why so mellow?

Ron says: (8:32:16 PM)cause not shallow

judah. says: (8:32:31 PM)you dunno?

Ron says: (8:33:11 PM)how to swallow?

judah. says: (8:33:49 PM)not hallow?

Ron says: (8:35:24 PM)depends if u want me to be hollow

judah. says: (8:35:56 PM)i want you to hollow below.

Ron says: (8:36:36 PM)like how shawty gets low?

judah. says: (8:36:49 PM)no. like how i blow.

Ron says: (8:37:03 PM)woah. if only u promise to take it slow

judah. says: (8:37:20 PM)only if i can have a show.

Ron says: (8:38:13 PM)just make sure u make de crowd go 'woah'

judah. says: (8:38:34 PM)it doesn't rhyme yo.

Ron says: (8:41:18 PM)its not about de ow's ho. its about de oah's bro.

judah. says: (8:41:36 PM)is it so?

Ron says: (8:43:23 PM)nth but the truth yo

judah. says: (8:43:36 PM)i used yo edi, ho.

Ron says: (8:54:00 PM)and i used ho adi bro

judah. says: (8:55:02 PM)and you used bro edi po

Ron says: (8:57:10 PM)because i'm pro

Ron says: (8:57:23 PM)i go with the flow

judah. says: (8:57:33 PM)why you waste all your rhymes at one go?

Ron says: (8:58:12 PM)to scare you so that you turn into dough

judah. says: (8:58:30 PM)but all that's gonna happen is you sucking my toe.

Ron says: (9:55:30 PM)at least we wont be foes

judah. says: (9:56:11 PM)woah, that was like like FAWOEEE


hello world, I'm back. =)
now, you can scream and shout.
....and wait again
for my next post.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Take me to a hospital

I'm an official injured man with license and certificate

List of injuries:
1) I'm as burnt as a tomato and lobster
2) My right thigh got a knock and now hurts when you press it
3) Wounds on my knee and ankle
4) Just injured my toe. dropped something on it.
5) I feel dizzy and exhausted. feels like i'm already dead.

and that's about it. Gonna pick up more injuries tomorrow to be more professional. oh great. my thigh just got worse.

oh and we qualified. quarter finals tomorrow. I might do a post just for today's handball competition, but not now. So till then ( for those who are really eager ), for more details, pls visit chinsans blog at www.thegohchinsanproject.blogspot.com about today's long, rough and bumpy journey in the handball world. I'm going to start healing now with my super powers. The process is called sleeping, till then....

Peace Out,

Monday, March 30, 2009


The sky is dark. The winds are strong. It's pouring heavily here.
The thunderstorm is roaring and claiming victory.
The weather now leads to a disaster tomorrow.
All of a sudden you feel there's nothing for you to rely on anymore.
A strong sense of insecurity revolving around you.
So what do you do?
especially when 1 of the biggest days in your life takes place tomorrow

a) You run b) You fight

31st March. Cochrane Sports Complex.

Sri Cempaka vs Soldiers from hell
Sri Cempaka vs Sri Hartamas
Sri Cempaka vs Desa Petaling

Get Ready to be Inspired. Marching into cinemas....1st of April

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour.

Yesterday night was officially Earth Hour. It started at 8.30 pm and ended at 9.30 pm.
Sadly, I did not stay home to switch off my lights and all. I was really pumped to do so and I even planned on going around my area to see how the response was. I hope my maid took over that responsibility. I was out at dinner at Hartamas. Opposite the restaurant where I was at, was an apartment. I was very disappointed to see two man still playing Tennis under the BIG BRIGHT spotlight. Are they not aware that they're doing something they're not supposed to do. Ok, sounds abit unfair, cause after all it's your choice. but something they shouldn't do? so...saddening.

Right. Now back to the main point. I find this idea very cool. Whoever started it. Genius. Applause applause. But I find it too short, should've been 2 hours or so instead. But nonetheless, at least he made an effort, an idea to save the world. I heard from Farah who heard from someone that the whole KlCC twin tower and Kl tower looked like it disappeared when the lights were off. Such a rare sight I missed. darn it. The place where I was (Hartamas) made it seem like they didn't even know 'Earth Hour' existed.

Enough talking done. Check out this video I found.

Sooooo, how did you contribute to Earth Hour? =)

Inspire me. someone. anyone. Oh my, Audrey did.

I've lost my blogging mojo. oh my. save me. I don't want life to come to an end. Pn Azura. Show me the way. Well I think mostly exams were a big distraction. Let's just hope I'll rediscover my active blogging form soon like how Man Utd will rediscover theirs to win every single cup and title they deserve. =)

And another fact besides that. I realized Jac Lyn and Alexis have been spamming people's cbox. Yes, the Loo Jac Lyn and Alexis Lee Yue Xiu who sat infront of me during exams of F4 Science 1. They are pro spammers now. Why? I don't know. They took over my job and now I have to catch up with them. Spamming life is fun but most certainly not easy. Don't underestimate the responsibility.

And right now, I think the whole F4 science 1 is partying it hard at Audrey's, except me. sadly. Sorry I can't make it Audrey, although I felt like I was the 1 who was most excited and passionate about it. Please do make another party next year for me again. =). So shoutout to Audrey here. Happy Birthday!! =) or happy belated birthday! :P

Below is a pic of Audrey i got from her fb, don't be scared Audrey. I'm not stalking you. Told you I was excited for the party. See what has me not being able to go done. A whole post + a pic of you. I know we're not really close but decided it'd be nice to dedicate this to you. =) Enjoy.

All of a sudden, I decided to make random facts about birthday peeps. So lets start with Audrey's and other people can just wait in line till their big sweet sixteen comes along.

Random facts about Audrey:
1. Her name is Audrey
2. It is followed by a Desiree Ong
3. Which I find pretty cool
4. Because I don't have a Ronald something something Lim as my name
5. Okay enough about me. Must try to focus as these facts are meant for her before this post gets too long when I start about me
6. I can spell and say out Desiree perfectly, unlike most teachers =) ( To all the teachers out there, it's DESIREE for goodness sake, not desiree. like DEH-SUH-REE. not DEE-SAI-YUR. as in the 'want' desire. its the audrey desiree. )
7. You can thank me later for standing up for your name audrey. =)
8. She's a prefect
9. Oh and she's a really cool christian, unlike me, who is still in the making. Sorry, I came in the picture again. Gotta put a stop to this.
10. She's smart. i think
11. She looks like a very organized person.
12. I think I annoy her sometimes by making noise in class. I'm sorry audrey :P
13. She has a fake laugh. which is real. I mean it sounds fake, but its real. but we're all special in our own way. =)

annnndd...I think i'm done. Wow. not bad. 13 facts about her. well some were about me but who's checking? =) I'm sure plenty of people can't wait till its their birthday now just so I will dedicate a whole post to them. Dream on guys, Audrey got the golden ticket cause she invited me to her party. What? you think I'd be so free to do this? :P Imagine if Audrey didn't invite me.......Okay, no I'm just joking. =)

Anyway, this has become a rather long post when I thought I would just blog about something short and simple. I'm done for now. Oh and again I wanna apologize to my loyal readers for not updating for such a long time. But I'm back now. so stop crying and start smiling. =) Life's too short to be sad.

Peace out,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ok 1st of all. Manchester United won the Carling Cup! =) and they shall go on to win everything else. =) because only they're good enough to do so.

so just yesterday I realized my place is a pretty sad place.
Below are the following reasons why I mentioned the statement above:

1. My place is a non-delivery area for Domino's
2. No cab goes by my place. ( I tried 3 cab numbers before and all had no cabs in my place)
3. Mcdonalds doesn't do delivery in my place. but i remember they do cause my sister ordered once before. I tried again yesterday and apparently the closest outlet to my place stops delivering at 9.30 p.m.
4. I jam to school every morning.

I decided to blog about this because I was dying for food yesterday. and Mcds didnt exactly cheer me up. I was looking forward to it with full of excitement and anticipation. but it failed me. I still love you Mcds but not as much.

Today after school, we had handball training for maybe only like 10-15 minutes. Cause the sky got dark like it was going to be the end of the world. It was a waste cause we were all pumped up to play. After that, we found out who we were going to play against in the msskl group stages.

1st team was MTD and it stands for maktab TENTERA diraja. tentera a.k.a soldier. =)
2nd team was Desa Petaling
and finally Sri Hartamas.

oh and also as i previously stated in 1 of my posts. I lost my physics hw book. yeah. it is now found. =). Seems like it was with teacher all along. Yeah. ridiculous I know. but Mr. Pancha was the 1 who gave me the idea that I lost my book. cause he told me he never got my book. and just today. He gave it back after marking it. So just wanna thank everyone out there who were in this hard and worrying journey together with me. Those who showed their concern. Thank you for always standing by me and giving support. I can now be my jolly self again.

it is 7.30 p.m now. I still have no dinner. Currently waiting for my sister to come back and we can start cooking and I can be jamie oliver. Next post will finally be about my cooking post my loyal fans have been eagerly anticipating for. till then...

Peace Out,

OMG. I JUST REALIZED! ANOTHER HALF AN HOUR TO THE WORLDMATHSDAY SHOWDOWN. oh boy oh boy oh boy!. step aside noobies. its time for f4 science 1 to shine! =). ( I hope my classmates are actually getting ready now, warming up waiting to work their magic when the clock strikes 8 )
Shoutout to 4 science 1: Lets go get those satays!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hello blog,

its officially 3.45 AM right now and I'm still not asleep. Yes, AM as in the middle of the night. I had just finished my homework and now my eyelids feels as heavy as rocks.

I was watching football before that and I was actually falling asleep. Liverpool lost to M'boro 2-0. Arsenal drew 0-0 to fulham whereas Chelsea got lucky with Wigan as Frank Lampard scored to make it 2-1 in the dying seconds of the game. I felt for Wigan as I thought they deserved a draw. They were the underdogs, but they almost proved Chelsea wrong with a well-played defensive strategy. Nonetheless, it's still nice to see all these teams behind Manchester United, slowly working every strain of their muscles in each game just to catch up with the champions. =) Liverpool failed to close in on us. No offense but the match was pretty boring. All I wanted was some entertaining football on a jolly Saturday night, but I guess its impossible without the one and only team I truly love, Manchester United playing. I should have known better before setting my hopes too high up. Oh well, there's always next season for Liverpool. =) I liked it when my dad said just now, " half the cups are in Man Utd's hands already' =D

Oh, and jac just proved herself to be cooler by being a Man Utd fan. Her 'jersey' post has inspired me to blog about my jerseyS 1 day also. Thank you jac for being smart and not supporting loser teams =).

Also a shoutout to Pn Azura. I hope my blog is still very interesting and mouth watering =). I'm very very positive that my following posts will be even more interesting I should even get 'best blog award' or something. I'm going to go hibernate now.

Peace out,


oh my. procrastination is already starting to show its darkest side. I was planning to study today but instead i slept for 4 hours straight from 3 to 7 in the evening. kind of a 1 whole day wasted. may the Lord help me.

anyway, had handball training this morning in school. lots of people turned up. It was again another good training cause I scored. =) I just can't stop scoring that I feel so bad for other people who doesn't score. So after training, I went for brunch with my family for some gooood curry noodles. and after that i came home. was being lazy for abit. till I fell asleep.

moving on. so I've been pretty much home alone the past few days, especially yesterday night which was friday night. ( I even wanted to go to the chins house, but I failed miserably with no transport and even got lecturing from some chinese aunty from the cab service. Yes, I wanted to take cab. That's how desperate i was. I'm still pissed cause i missed out on McDs). The whole big house to myself. sounds fun. but pretty scary. I'm once again calling anyone available to please visit me at my house AT ALL TIMES. thank you. I have to go make my stomach a happy organ now. till then...oh and stay tuned as the next post is gonna be about my cooking post. =)

Peace out,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

stress stress

I think the stressful life of form 4 is finally kicking in.

paying attention
being a 'star student'
...and just so much more.

exams are around the corner and I'm not proud to say this but I have not started studying yet. I'm aiming to do well for my 1st mid semester exam. Let's just hope it'll come true.
Anyways, highlight of the day was during physics. I actually listened, paid attention and most of all, understood what was going on in class. =) but right before class ended. I realized that I had lost my physics homework exercise book. SO I'M MAKING A PUBLIC NOTICE HERE. ANYONE WHO FINDS OR STOLE OR 'ACCIDENTALLY TAKEN' MY BOOK. PLEASE GIVE IT BACK. I WILL NOT BLAME YOU. AND INSTEAD YOU WILL BE GREATLY REWARDED. YOUR HONESTY WILL BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. please and thank you.

so my mum had just left to Australia for a week. anyone who wants to visit. please feel free to do so. as I will require some company.

peace out,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Swimming Gala

Swimming gala.

I did not attend.
Thanks for reading. =)

Just another post.

I would like to start off by telling you guys about my handball experience with my fellow handball mates last Saturday at Cheras. It was the 1st time playing against cheras team, which was insanely awesome. I shall not further elaborate on how good they are cause it would simply take up this whole post and it would make us damansara team look rather amateurish. So before playing them, we were actually looking forward to it. but we were real scared. cause we knew how good they were. and who knew they were much more than just....good. They should play in college level. It was a really good game although we lost. After the match, our damansara team were so motivated to be as good as them. But it was just a sudden urge. After this, I'm sure nobody would actually bother. So now I dont know what else to blog about. and i shall just tell you everything you need to know about my favourite sport- handball . Its my favourite sport because I'm good at it. =). haha joking. but no really. I think I am pretty good at it.

So that next time we skip school for msskl handball. It does make a big difference in life. cause its a very cool sport. and because we have the potential to win. =)

Handball (also known as team handball, European handball, or Olympic handball) is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six players and a goalkeeper) pass and bounce a ball to throw it into the goal of the opposing team. The team with the most goals after two periods of 30 minutes wins.

Modern handball is usually played indoors, but outdoors variants exist in the form of field handball (which was more common in the past) and beach handball. American handball is a completely different sport.

The game is quite fast and includes body contact as the defenders try to stop the attackers from approaching the goal. Contact is only allowed when the defensive player is completely in front of the offensive player, i.e. between the offensive player and the goal, this is referred to as a player sandwich. Any contact from the side or especially from behind is considered dangerous and is usually met with penalties. When a defender successfully stops an attacking player, the play is stopped and restarted by the attacking team from the spot of the infraction or on the nine meter line. Unlike in basketball where players are allowed to commit only 5 fouls in a game (6 in the NBA), handball players are allowed an unlimited number of "faults," which are considered good defense and disruptive to the attacking team's rhythm.

The guy beside is my favourite handball player. Ivano Balic. I wish to be as good as him one day.
I believe we have a similar fierce look when we take shots. That inspires me to keep pursuing my dreams to be like him.

p.s For those who hasn't seen me play handball before. Please do come as spectators after school on tuesdays and thursdays to open your eyes and be astonished. If not, games carnival is coming up soon. I'm sure you all would know what to do then =). Oh and also, watch out for the most amazing keeper in the galaxy, Goh Chin San.

Anyways, this is just another post of one of my interests. For those who likes handball. good. for those who don't. I think this is a rather boring post. Cause I already feel like it is. It's 12.30 AM now. I'm off to bed. I'll try to update more posts in the next few days. till then....

Peace out,

Struggling to continue.

Dear fans, I am back.

First of all, I would like to apologize to all the loyal followers of my blog out there, especially Pn Azura. I know I got all of you excited at first, like how I did to myself. Despite so, after three posts, I have failed to encourage myself to keep going for more blogging adventure. But now, I am back with the same enthusiasm I had when i first started this blog.

I had previously lost myself in the blog world for the past few weeks, but now, I am found again. I sincerely ask of patience from all my fans and readers. I will constantly try to update it now after a rather less fortunate incident.

Once again. Thank you. and sorry for the lack of interesting posts.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Idol....again

homg. after reading my 2nd post again, I realize how much this blog is doing to me. Its really gotten into me and getting the best out of me. I actually write stuff in it. Such a miracle. A magical feeling I can't even describe. Am i really falling in love with blogging?? O.O. or is it the magnificent and influential work done by the great Pn Azura?
Nonetheless, let me continue with what I intended to show you guys.

Sooo, the season of American Idol is here again. and i want to show you guys a really cool video promo about it which my sis had just shown me. I was never really a big fan of American idol. Let's just say if its on TV, I watch it. If its not, life still goes on.....But i always hear my friends go crazy over it. FOR I.E, FARAH ZAHIDAH. its as if she cant live without it. =) But i find some contestants rather amusing, or should i say, silly. I don't understand how some of them can step into that room and make fun of themselves infront of national TV. But then again, I admire their courage. =)
OH, all of a sudden this topic reminded me about a really funky contestant from last seasons American Idol. His name was Renaldo or smth, very similar to mine. and he sang a song which was written by himself, entitled ' You are my brother '. hahaha. I remember chin san showing it to me and I have to admit, his song was pretty catchy and funky.

Anyways, enough of talking done. Lets get to the promo. It's very inspirational. Hope you enjoy. =) (thought some videos would help make my blog look more ALLIVVEE)


Me, Myself and I

To my fellow loyal readers,

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay of my 2nd post. I know i said i was going to post up my 2nd post after my 1st post in an hour or so. But due to procrastination, I failed and I am not proud of it. I would like to give a heads up to my faithful and passionate fans out there who loves and admires my blog with their lives, never put your hopes too high up as I am a lazy person. But then again, I am still excited as I have been thinking of many things to post up. These few days, this blog has constantly occurred to my mind that it is precious and i shall treasure it like how I treasure CS. And for now, i shall go on with what I intended to post up before i blab out with too much insensible stuff.

My Eng teacher, Pn. Azura had previously asked us to blog about ourselves. Interesting topic I would say, but then again, I have no idea what to say, or maybe in the end I would have too much to say.

First of all, I'd like to start off with my name. Ronald. Full name. Ronald Lim Jia Rong. I once asked my mum why Ronald out of all English names. And she told me, she was inspired and got the idea from a former U.S President, Ronald Reagan. Some of you might find it funny. But i actually thought it was pretty cool. What I find not cool is how my friends can easily transform such an elegant name into a fast food restaurant's mascott name. Yes i'm pretty sure you all know what I'm talking about. Don't act dumb and try to make me actually write the whole name out. I've got enough of teasing since I was born. Now, to my chinese name. Jia Rong, in chinese, actually means bringing pride to the family. Very typical, I know. So thats about my name, and I already find writting about it long enough. Friends call me, ron. ronstermonster. ronniepoo or ROONNN.

I'm 16, adapting to the new life of Form 4. I find myself sexy and I find myself even sexier to say that. I think about lots of stuff all the time and sometimes I just think about nothing or maybe just ridiculous stuff =). Foolish and playful at times, but I do things seriously when I wanna do it seriously. Life is interesting only if you make it so. Emotions are yours to control, and not the other way round. I say yes to life cause what's coming in life is amazing, that is what i learnt from Yesman =). I'd choose to be happy if I had the chance, but sometimes things are not up to your liking. But if you can love, why hate? Oh, and I'm also a very indecisive and slacky person. Working hard to change that. =)

Other small details about me:
Die-hard Man Utd fan. I'd die for them
I can be quiet when i want to
No favourite color
Loves food. ALL FOOD. but preferably Jap or Italian
Mature but immature
Likes to talk crap
Loves sports
i love myself in a fair amount and i thank God frequently for giving me model-like features. HAHA
and thats pretty much it. =)

Done for now for 2nd post.
thanks again if you actually read this post which is mainly about me
which shows how much you love me if you reach this point. ( thats how vain i can get when i talk about myself, after all this post IS ABOUT ME, so.. please excuse me =) )


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wow, I've got a blog O.O

Dear readers, welcome to my factory of words.

Like oh em gee, how girls say it. I've got a blog and I'm writing my 1st post. This blog is started cause of the special request from my cool English teacher, Pn Azura. First of all, I would like to start of by saying that English rox my soxx and I rocks English's sockss!! Some of you might find this familiar ( It's in Jude's blog too ) because i typed out this cool sentence for him. =)
I'm actually pretty psyched up now cause I've never really blogged in my life. I used to have a xanga blog but it's dead and it's been left to rot ever since.
but now, blogger ron is ALIVEE and he ARISES from the dead!! and i'm still pretty much clueless of what to blog. Yes i'm excited Pn Azura, don't get me wrong but somehow I don't know what to say.
OH WAIT, ATHIRA JUST SPARKLED MY DULL BRAIN like how you sprinkle colorful candy bits on cookies. =) guys, hold on to your seat belts for this wild story

My original blog url was supposed to be ronstermonster.blogspot.com which is cool. I know you're reading this now Pn Azura and u think its cool too. =) so then i was so excited about it cause that's what most of my friends call me. BUT then blogspot said it was unavailable, and i was depressed for the whole day. ( HAHA no i'm just jk )
so today, I went to check whether it really existed. (Yeah I know, I love it that much) When i typed out the url, blogspot said it doesn't exist. And here comes all the abbreviations which Pn Azura told us, SPECIFICALLY not to use and never to use it. =) so, I want to thank her for reminding us innocent but not so innocent little angels. So then again, I chose blogspot because i fancy it over xanga, but this is how it repaid me. I hope you're embarrassed blogspot. A url is a big deal, it might change the life of a kid.

Anyways, I believe my 1st post is long enough and also not very sensible, but don't judge me just yet Pn Azura. You must give me my chance to blog 'ridiculous' posts at times, and i will repay you with fairly mature and inspiring blog posts. =)
I am still very excited over blogging, i hope my excitement lasts throughout the year as I will always be inspired to blog. Once again, a round of applause to my stunning and breathtaking English teacher for assigning us to start a blog. Due to my over excitement, i'm going to start on my 2nd post and it should be up in an hour or so.

I hope my 1st post made history.
and thank you all for reading till this last bit, cause I have succesfully wasted your precious time on my immature 1st post.