Wednesday, February 25, 2009

stress stress

I think the stressful life of form 4 is finally kicking in.

paying attention
being a 'star student'
...and just so much more.

exams are around the corner and I'm not proud to say this but I have not started studying yet. I'm aiming to do well for my 1st mid semester exam. Let's just hope it'll come true.
Anyways, highlight of the day was during physics. I actually listened, paid attention and most of all, understood what was going on in class. =) but right before class ended. I realized that I had lost my physics homework exercise book. SO I'M MAKING A PUBLIC NOTICE HERE. ANYONE WHO FINDS OR STOLE OR 'ACCIDENTALLY TAKEN' MY BOOK. PLEASE GIVE IT BACK. I WILL NOT BLAME YOU. AND INSTEAD YOU WILL BE GREATLY REWARDED. YOUR HONESTY WILL BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. please and thank you.

so my mum had just left to Australia for a week. anyone who wants to visit. please feel free to do so. as I will require some company.

peace out,

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