Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Idol....again

homg. after reading my 2nd post again, I realize how much this blog is doing to me. Its really gotten into me and getting the best out of me. I actually write stuff in it. Such a miracle. A magical feeling I can't even describe. Am i really falling in love with blogging?? O.O. or is it the magnificent and influential work done by the great Pn Azura?
Nonetheless, let me continue with what I intended to show you guys.

Sooo, the season of American Idol is here again. and i want to show you guys a really cool video promo about it which my sis had just shown me. I was never really a big fan of American idol. Let's just say if its on TV, I watch it. If its not, life still goes on.....But i always hear my friends go crazy over it. FOR I.E, FARAH ZAHIDAH. its as if she cant live without it. =) But i find some contestants rather amusing, or should i say, silly. I don't understand how some of them can step into that room and make fun of themselves infront of national TV. But then again, I admire their courage. =)
OH, all of a sudden this topic reminded me about a really funky contestant from last seasons American Idol. His name was Renaldo or smth, very similar to mine. and he sang a song which was written by himself, entitled ' You are my brother '. hahaha. I remember chin san showing it to me and I have to admit, his song was pretty catchy and funky.

Anyways, enough of talking done. Lets get to the promo. It's very inspirational. Hope you enjoy. =) (thought some videos would help make my blog look more ALLIVVEE)


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  1. Omgg.. Love the promo.. It was like.. daymm touching... :P