Saturday, February 28, 2009


oh my. procrastination is already starting to show its darkest side. I was planning to study today but instead i slept for 4 hours straight from 3 to 7 in the evening. kind of a 1 whole day wasted. may the Lord help me.

anyway, had handball training this morning in school. lots of people turned up. It was again another good training cause I scored. =) I just can't stop scoring that I feel so bad for other people who doesn't score. So after training, I went for brunch with my family for some gooood curry noodles. and after that i came home. was being lazy for abit. till I fell asleep.

moving on. so I've been pretty much home alone the past few days, especially yesterday night which was friday night. ( I even wanted to go to the chins house, but I failed miserably with no transport and even got lecturing from some chinese aunty from the cab service. Yes, I wanted to take cab. That's how desperate i was. I'm still pissed cause i missed out on McDs). The whole big house to myself. sounds fun. but pretty scary. I'm once again calling anyone available to please visit me at my house AT ALL TIMES. thank you. I have to go make my stomach a happy organ now. till then...oh and stay tuned as the next post is gonna be about my cooking post. =)

Peace out,

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