Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Take me to a hospital

I'm an official injured man with license and certificate

List of injuries:
1) I'm as burnt as a tomato and lobster
2) My right thigh got a knock and now hurts when you press it
3) Wounds on my knee and ankle
4) Just injured my toe. dropped something on it.
5) I feel dizzy and exhausted. feels like i'm already dead.

and that's about it. Gonna pick up more injuries tomorrow to be more professional. oh great. my thigh just got worse.

oh and we qualified. quarter finals tomorrow. I might do a post just for today's handball competition, but not now. So till then ( for those who are really eager ), for more details, pls visit chinsans blog at www.thegohchinsanproject.blogspot.com about today's long, rough and bumpy journey in the handball world. I'm going to start healing now with my super powers. The process is called sleeping, till then....

Peace Out,

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