Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ok 1st of all. Manchester United won the Carling Cup! =) and they shall go on to win everything else. =) because only they're good enough to do so.

so just yesterday I realized my place is a pretty sad place.
Below are the following reasons why I mentioned the statement above:

1. My place is a non-delivery area for Domino's
2. No cab goes by my place. ( I tried 3 cab numbers before and all had no cabs in my place)
3. Mcdonalds doesn't do delivery in my place. but i remember they do cause my sister ordered once before. I tried again yesterday and apparently the closest outlet to my place stops delivering at 9.30 p.m.
4. I jam to school every morning.

I decided to blog about this because I was dying for food yesterday. and Mcds didnt exactly cheer me up. I was looking forward to it with full of excitement and anticipation. but it failed me. I still love you Mcds but not as much.

Today after school, we had handball training for maybe only like 10-15 minutes. Cause the sky got dark like it was going to be the end of the world. It was a waste cause we were all pumped up to play. After that, we found out who we were going to play against in the msskl group stages.

1st team was MTD and it stands for maktab TENTERA diraja. tentera a.k.a soldier. =)
2nd team was Desa Petaling
and finally Sri Hartamas.

oh and also as i previously stated in 1 of my posts. I lost my physics hw book. yeah. it is now found. =). Seems like it was with teacher all along. Yeah. ridiculous I know. but Mr. Pancha was the 1 who gave me the idea that I lost my book. cause he told me he never got my book. and just today. He gave it back after marking it. So just wanna thank everyone out there who were in this hard and worrying journey together with me. Those who showed their concern. Thank you for always standing by me and giving support. I can now be my jolly self again.

it is 7.30 p.m now. I still have no dinner. Currently waiting for my sister to come back and we can start cooking and I can be jamie oliver. Next post will finally be about my cooking post my loyal fans have been eagerly anticipating for. till then...

Peace Out,

OMG. I JUST REALIZED! ANOTHER HALF AN HOUR TO THE WORLDMATHSDAY SHOWDOWN. oh boy oh boy oh boy!. step aside noobies. its time for f4 science 1 to shine! =). ( I hope my classmates are actually getting ready now, warming up waiting to work their magic when the clock strikes 8 )
Shoutout to 4 science 1: Lets go get those satays!!

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