Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Magical Medicine

I AM SUFFERING. the return of the deadly sore throat. I coughed blood out. =) what's next? my lungs maybe. My cure: strepsils, fisherman's friend, honey lemon, salt water. And they all seem to be useless. I sound as sexy as ever now. My voice cannot get any more lower and hoarse. This is sad. All the ice-cream, fried stuff, cold drinks, almost everything likable is now untouchable.

So anyway....on a brighter note
I'm back! OMG. yeah sure whatever. I haven't been blogging for awhile now and my sincere apologies to my loyal readers. I'm not sure whether I still have any. I doubt so due to my long term absence almost all the time. Well I'm sure you all know. Due to exams and using exams as an excuse cause the main reason is laziness and yes just laziness only. I have disappeared. Well I've been thinking about plenty of things to blog about. At least I used to. I'll just move on with life now.

Currently, the biggest thing to look forward to now. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL! Manchester United vs Barcelona. whoooo! I think I'm gonna stay up all the way.

okay. I'm done for now. HAHA
no seriously I am. I'm too sick to blog. but I promise you all more interesting post to come. all you people need to do is just.....wait. Like how you all have been doing so well =)

Peace out,

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