Friday, April 24, 2009


I have nothing else to do so I decided to post this up and show you guys how lifeless/creative judah is. well not only him, maybe I participated in this conversation too. =) p.s. ignore the obscene parts, well only if you think there are any. Enjoy!

judah. says: (8:31:20 PM)ello

Ron says: (8:32:00 PM)mellow

judah. says: (8:32:07 PM)why so mellow?

Ron says: (8:32:16 PM)cause not shallow

judah. says: (8:32:31 PM)you dunno?

Ron says: (8:33:11 PM)how to swallow?

judah. says: (8:33:49 PM)not hallow?

Ron says: (8:35:24 PM)depends if u want me to be hollow

judah. says: (8:35:56 PM)i want you to hollow below.

Ron says: (8:36:36 PM)like how shawty gets low?

judah. says: (8:36:49 PM)no. like how i blow.

Ron says: (8:37:03 PM)woah. if only u promise to take it slow

judah. says: (8:37:20 PM)only if i can have a show.

Ron says: (8:38:13 PM)just make sure u make de crowd go 'woah'

judah. says: (8:38:34 PM)it doesn't rhyme yo.

Ron says: (8:41:18 PM)its not about de ow's ho. its about de oah's bro.

judah. says: (8:41:36 PM)is it so?

Ron says: (8:43:23 PM)nth but the truth yo

judah. says: (8:43:36 PM)i used yo edi, ho.

Ron says: (8:54:00 PM)and i used ho adi bro

judah. says: (8:55:02 PM)and you used bro edi po

Ron says: (8:57:10 PM)because i'm pro

Ron says: (8:57:23 PM)i go with the flow

judah. says: (8:57:33 PM)why you waste all your rhymes at one go?

Ron says: (8:58:12 PM)to scare you so that you turn into dough

judah. says: (8:58:30 PM)but all that's gonna happen is you sucking my toe.

Ron says: (9:55:30 PM)at least we wont be foes

judah. says: (9:56:11 PM)woah, that was like like FAWOEEE

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