Thursday, January 15, 2009

Me, Myself and I

To my fellow loyal readers,

First of all, I would like to apologize for the delay of my 2nd post. I know i said i was going to post up my 2nd post after my 1st post in an hour or so. But due to procrastination, I failed and I am not proud of it. I would like to give a heads up to my faithful and passionate fans out there who loves and admires my blog with their lives, never put your hopes too high up as I am a lazy person. But then again, I am still excited as I have been thinking of many things to post up. These few days, this blog has constantly occurred to my mind that it is precious and i shall treasure it like how I treasure CS. And for now, i shall go on with what I intended to post up before i blab out with too much insensible stuff.

My Eng teacher, Pn. Azura had previously asked us to blog about ourselves. Interesting topic I would say, but then again, I have no idea what to say, or maybe in the end I would have too much to say.

First of all, I'd like to start off with my name. Ronald. Full name. Ronald Lim Jia Rong. I once asked my mum why Ronald out of all English names. And she told me, she was inspired and got the idea from a former U.S President, Ronald Reagan. Some of you might find it funny. But i actually thought it was pretty cool. What I find not cool is how my friends can easily transform such an elegant name into a fast food restaurant's mascott name. Yes i'm pretty sure you all know what I'm talking about. Don't act dumb and try to make me actually write the whole name out. I've got enough of teasing since I was born. Now, to my chinese name. Jia Rong, in chinese, actually means bringing pride to the family. Very typical, I know. So thats about my name, and I already find writting about it long enough. Friends call me, ron. ronstermonster. ronniepoo or ROONNN.

I'm 16, adapting to the new life of Form 4. I find myself sexy and I find myself even sexier to say that. I think about lots of stuff all the time and sometimes I just think about nothing or maybe just ridiculous stuff =). Foolish and playful at times, but I do things seriously when I wanna do it seriously. Life is interesting only if you make it so. Emotions are yours to control, and not the other way round. I say yes to life cause what's coming in life is amazing, that is what i learnt from Yesman =). I'd choose to be happy if I had the chance, but sometimes things are not up to your liking. But if you can love, why hate? Oh, and I'm also a very indecisive and slacky person. Working hard to change that. =)

Other small details about me:
Die-hard Man Utd fan. I'd die for them
I can be quiet when i want to
No favourite color
Loves food. ALL FOOD. but preferably Jap or Italian
Mature but immature
Likes to talk crap
Loves sports
i love myself in a fair amount and i thank God frequently for giving me model-like features. HAHA
and thats pretty much it. =)

Done for now for 2nd post.
thanks again if you actually read this post which is mainly about me
which shows how much you love me if you reach this point. ( thats how vain i can get when i talk about myself, after all this post IS ABOUT ME, so.. please excuse me =) )


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  1. RONNIEPOO. im the only one who calls you that. :D
    you're freaking me out! i think you've found your new hobby. haha.