Friday, April 24, 2009

Back to life

So, right now....Sports rehearsals have been going on for the past few days. Hot sun. Boredom. Tiredness. Shouting. Stomping. Drinking lots and lots of water. And just...not studying. Exams are really soon although it feels like the previous one just finished. Sports day is this Sunday. And I'm at home alone now, online, blogging. What do I do tomorrow? or what should I do with the rest of my life.

I feel that life has come to a certain point where I need a change in it. Something extraordinary, special or maybe even different would be enough. So people always say you live life to the fullest, but how do you actually do it properly? Hmmm. I sound miserable now. Maybe I should stop. So how has life been for you guys? =) ? =/ ? or =( ?

I haven't had any exercise for a long time and I miss football and handball. Need some intense sport 1 day to kill me. To pile up the misery, I've been eating like Garfield. Fat and fat and more fat. ooooh lala lipids. On the other hand, I need to watch fast and furious 4. I love action packed movies. Fast and furious 4 is an action packed movie. Overflowing with it. So it needs me and I need it. Anyone cares to make me a happy little kid and take me to the movies? =)

I've been feeling very....tired. My body ain't functioning well. Everytime after school now. The 1st thing I would do the moment I reach back home is sleep. Even if i don't really feel tired. I'd just somehow make or force exhaustion back into me and knock myself out. So the conclusion is I feel like I haven't done anything really productive. which somehow needs to stop.

Now, I've lost the mojo of blogging.
So i'm out.
Hopefully I'll post something more interesting up on this blog to not lose my loyal fans.
Oh great, there's Helang sports practice tomorrow at school on a Saturday because Helang hasn't perfected the whole routine. Honestly, I think the Harimaus look pretty cool with their marching stuff.

Peace out,

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