Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hello blog,

its officially 3.45 AM right now and I'm still not asleep. Yes, AM as in the middle of the night. I had just finished my homework and now my eyelids feels as heavy as rocks.

I was watching football before that and I was actually falling asleep. Liverpool lost to M'boro 2-0. Arsenal drew 0-0 to fulham whereas Chelsea got lucky with Wigan as Frank Lampard scored to make it 2-1 in the dying seconds of the game. I felt for Wigan as I thought they deserved a draw. They were the underdogs, but they almost proved Chelsea wrong with a well-played defensive strategy. Nonetheless, it's still nice to see all these teams behind Manchester United, slowly working every strain of their muscles in each game just to catch up with the champions. =) Liverpool failed to close in on us. No offense but the match was pretty boring. All I wanted was some entertaining football on a jolly Saturday night, but I guess its impossible without the one and only team I truly love, Manchester United playing. I should have known better before setting my hopes too high up. Oh well, there's always next season for Liverpool. =) I liked it when my dad said just now, " half the cups are in Man Utd's hands already' =D

Oh, and jac just proved herself to be cooler by being a Man Utd fan. Her 'jersey' post has inspired me to blog about my jerseyS 1 day also. Thank you jac for being smart and not supporting loser teams =).

Also a shoutout to Pn Azura. I hope my blog is still very interesting and mouth watering =). I'm very very positive that my following posts will be even more interesting I should even get 'best blog award' or something. I'm going to go hibernate now.

Peace out,

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