Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Take me to a hospital

I'm an official injured man with license and certificate

List of injuries:
1) I'm as burnt as a tomato and lobster
2) My right thigh got a knock and now hurts when you press it
3) Wounds on my knee and ankle
4) Just injured my toe. dropped something on it.
5) I feel dizzy and exhausted. feels like i'm already dead.

and that's about it. Gonna pick up more injuries tomorrow to be more professional. oh great. my thigh just got worse.

oh and we qualified. quarter finals tomorrow. I might do a post just for today's handball competition, but not now. So till then ( for those who are really eager ), for more details, pls visit chinsans blog at www.thegohchinsanproject.blogspot.com about today's long, rough and bumpy journey in the handball world. I'm going to start healing now with my super powers. The process is called sleeping, till then....

Peace Out,

Monday, March 30, 2009


The sky is dark. The winds are strong. It's pouring heavily here.
The thunderstorm is roaring and claiming victory.
The weather now leads to a disaster tomorrow.
All of a sudden you feel there's nothing for you to rely on anymore.
A strong sense of insecurity revolving around you.
So what do you do?
especially when 1 of the biggest days in your life takes place tomorrow

a) You run b) You fight

31st March. Cochrane Sports Complex.

Sri Cempaka vs Soldiers from hell
Sri Cempaka vs Sri Hartamas
Sri Cempaka vs Desa Petaling

Get Ready to be Inspired. Marching into cinemas....1st of April

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour.

Yesterday night was officially Earth Hour. It started at 8.30 pm and ended at 9.30 pm.
Sadly, I did not stay home to switch off my lights and all. I was really pumped to do so and I even planned on going around my area to see how the response was. I hope my maid took over that responsibility. I was out at dinner at Hartamas. Opposite the restaurant where I was at, was an apartment. I was very disappointed to see two man still playing Tennis under the BIG BRIGHT spotlight. Are they not aware that they're doing something they're not supposed to do. Ok, sounds abit unfair, cause after all it's your choice. but something they shouldn't do? so...saddening.

Right. Now back to the main point. I find this idea very cool. Whoever started it. Genius. Applause applause. But I find it too short, should've been 2 hours or so instead. But nonetheless, at least he made an effort, an idea to save the world. I heard from Farah who heard from someone that the whole KlCC twin tower and Kl tower looked like it disappeared when the lights were off. Such a rare sight I missed. darn it. The place where I was (Hartamas) made it seem like they didn't even know 'Earth Hour' existed.

Enough talking done. Check out this video I found.

Sooooo, how did you contribute to Earth Hour? =)

Inspire me. someone. anyone. Oh my, Audrey did.

I've lost my blogging mojo. oh my. save me. I don't want life to come to an end. Pn Azura. Show me the way. Well I think mostly exams were a big distraction. Let's just hope I'll rediscover my active blogging form soon like how Man Utd will rediscover theirs to win every single cup and title they deserve. =)

And another fact besides that. I realized Jac Lyn and Alexis have been spamming people's cbox. Yes, the Loo Jac Lyn and Alexis Lee Yue Xiu who sat infront of me during exams of F4 Science 1. They are pro spammers now. Why? I don't know. They took over my job and now I have to catch up with them. Spamming life is fun but most certainly not easy. Don't underestimate the responsibility.

And right now, I think the whole F4 science 1 is partying it hard at Audrey's, except me. sadly. Sorry I can't make it Audrey, although I felt like I was the 1 who was most excited and passionate about it. Please do make another party next year for me again. =). So shoutout to Audrey here. Happy Birthday!! =) or happy belated birthday! :P

Below is a pic of Audrey i got from her fb, don't be scared Audrey. I'm not stalking you. Told you I was excited for the party. See what has me not being able to go done. A whole post + a pic of you. I know we're not really close but decided it'd be nice to dedicate this to you. =) Enjoy.

All of a sudden, I decided to make random facts about birthday peeps. So lets start with Audrey's and other people can just wait in line till their big sweet sixteen comes along.

Random facts about Audrey:
1. Her name is Audrey
2. It is followed by a Desiree Ong
3. Which I find pretty cool
4. Because I don't have a Ronald something something Lim as my name
5. Okay enough about me. Must try to focus as these facts are meant for her before this post gets too long when I start about me
6. I can spell and say out Desiree perfectly, unlike most teachers =) ( To all the teachers out there, it's DESIREE for goodness sake, not desiree. like DEH-SUH-REE. not DEE-SAI-YUR. as in the 'want' desire. its the audrey desiree. )
7. You can thank me later for standing up for your name audrey. =)
8. She's a prefect
9. Oh and she's a really cool christian, unlike me, who is still in the making. Sorry, I came in the picture again. Gotta put a stop to this.
10. She's smart. i think
11. She looks like a very organized person.
12. I think I annoy her sometimes by making noise in class. I'm sorry audrey :P
13. She has a fake laugh. which is real. I mean it sounds fake, but its real. but we're all special in our own way. =)

annnndd...I think i'm done. Wow. not bad. 13 facts about her. well some were about me but who's checking? =) I'm sure plenty of people can't wait till its their birthday now just so I will dedicate a whole post to them. Dream on guys, Audrey got the golden ticket cause she invited me to her party. What? you think I'd be so free to do this? :P Imagine if Audrey didn't invite me.......Okay, no I'm just joking. =)

Anyway, this has become a rather long post when I thought I would just blog about something short and simple. I'm done for now. Oh and again I wanna apologize to my loyal readers for not updating for such a long time. But I'm back now. so stop crying and start smiling. =) Life's too short to be sad.

Peace out,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ok 1st of all. Manchester United won the Carling Cup! =) and they shall go on to win everything else. =) because only they're good enough to do so.

so just yesterday I realized my place is a pretty sad place.
Below are the following reasons why I mentioned the statement above:

1. My place is a non-delivery area for Domino's
2. No cab goes by my place. ( I tried 3 cab numbers before and all had no cabs in my place)
3. Mcdonalds doesn't do delivery in my place. but i remember they do cause my sister ordered once before. I tried again yesterday and apparently the closest outlet to my place stops delivering at 9.30 p.m.
4. I jam to school every morning.

I decided to blog about this because I was dying for food yesterday. and Mcds didnt exactly cheer me up. I was looking forward to it with full of excitement and anticipation. but it failed me. I still love you Mcds but not as much.

Today after school, we had handball training for maybe only like 10-15 minutes. Cause the sky got dark like it was going to be the end of the world. It was a waste cause we were all pumped up to play. After that, we found out who we were going to play against in the msskl group stages.

1st team was MTD and it stands for maktab TENTERA diraja. tentera a.k.a soldier. =)
2nd team was Desa Petaling
and finally Sri Hartamas.

oh and also as i previously stated in 1 of my posts. I lost my physics hw book. yeah. it is now found. =). Seems like it was with teacher all along. Yeah. ridiculous I know. but Mr. Pancha was the 1 who gave me the idea that I lost my book. cause he told me he never got my book. and just today. He gave it back after marking it. So just wanna thank everyone out there who were in this hard and worrying journey together with me. Those who showed their concern. Thank you for always standing by me and giving support. I can now be my jolly self again.

it is 7.30 p.m now. I still have no dinner. Currently waiting for my sister to come back and we can start cooking and I can be jamie oliver. Next post will finally be about my cooking post my loyal fans have been eagerly anticipating for. till then...

Peace Out,

OMG. I JUST REALIZED! ANOTHER HALF AN HOUR TO THE WORLDMATHSDAY SHOWDOWN. oh boy oh boy oh boy!. step aside noobies. its time for f4 science 1 to shine! =). ( I hope my classmates are actually getting ready now, warming up waiting to work their magic when the clock strikes 8 )
Shoutout to 4 science 1: Lets go get those satays!!