Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wow, I've got a blog O.O

Dear readers, welcome to my factory of words.

Like oh em gee, how girls say it. I've got a blog and I'm writing my 1st post. This blog is started cause of the special request from my cool English teacher, Pn Azura. First of all, I would like to start of by saying that English rox my soxx and I rocks English's sockss!! Some of you might find this familiar ( It's in Jude's blog too ) because i typed out this cool sentence for him. =)
I'm actually pretty psyched up now cause I've never really blogged in my life. I used to have a xanga blog but it's dead and it's been left to rot ever since.
but now, blogger ron is ALIVEE and he ARISES from the dead!! and i'm still pretty much clueless of what to blog. Yes i'm excited Pn Azura, don't get me wrong but somehow I don't know what to say.
OH WAIT, ATHIRA JUST SPARKLED MY DULL BRAIN like how you sprinkle colorful candy bits on cookies. =) guys, hold on to your seat belts for this wild story

My original blog url was supposed to be ronstermonster.blogspot.com which is cool. I know you're reading this now Pn Azura and u think its cool too. =) so then i was so excited about it cause that's what most of my friends call me. BUT then blogspot said it was unavailable, and i was depressed for the whole day. ( HAHA no i'm just jk )
so today, I went to check whether it really existed. (Yeah I know, I love it that much) When i typed out the url, blogspot said it doesn't exist. And here comes all the abbreviations which Pn Azura told us, SPECIFICALLY not to use and never to use it. =) so, I want to thank her for reminding us innocent but not so innocent little angels. So then again, I chose blogspot because i fancy it over xanga, but this is how it repaid me. I hope you're embarrassed blogspot. A url is a big deal, it might change the life of a kid.

Anyways, I believe my 1st post is long enough and also not very sensible, but don't judge me just yet Pn Azura. You must give me my chance to blog 'ridiculous' posts at times, and i will repay you with fairly mature and inspiring blog posts. =)
I am still very excited over blogging, i hope my excitement lasts throughout the year as I will always be inspired to blog. Once again, a round of applause to my stunning and breathtaking English teacher for assigning us to start a blog. Due to my over excitement, i'm going to start on my 2nd post and it should be up in an hour or so.

I hope my 1st post made history.
and thank you all for reading till this last bit, cause I have succesfully wasted your precious time on my immature 1st post.



  1. Hey man. I LOVE YOU! LIKE FOR REAL DUDE!!! btw. nice blogskin

  2. your blogskin like mine la. :(

    you're a classic, ronniepoo/RONN/ron/ronstermonster.
    oh btw, wanna go out on wed or thursday? I'M LEAVING ON FRIDAY. :(