Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hello blog,

its officially 3.45 AM right now and I'm still not asleep. Yes, AM as in the middle of the night. I had just finished my homework and now my eyelids feels as heavy as rocks.

I was watching football before that and I was actually falling asleep. Liverpool lost to M'boro 2-0. Arsenal drew 0-0 to fulham whereas Chelsea got lucky with Wigan as Frank Lampard scored to make it 2-1 in the dying seconds of the game. I felt for Wigan as I thought they deserved a draw. They were the underdogs, but they almost proved Chelsea wrong with a well-played defensive strategy. Nonetheless, it's still nice to see all these teams behind Manchester United, slowly working every strain of their muscles in each game just to catch up with the champions. =) Liverpool failed to close in on us. No offense but the match was pretty boring. All I wanted was some entertaining football on a jolly Saturday night, but I guess its impossible without the one and only team I truly love, Manchester United playing. I should have known better before setting my hopes too high up. Oh well, there's always next season for Liverpool. =) I liked it when my dad said just now, " half the cups are in Man Utd's hands already' =D

Oh, and jac just proved herself to be cooler by being a Man Utd fan. Her 'jersey' post has inspired me to blog about my jerseyS 1 day also. Thank you jac for being smart and not supporting loser teams =).

Also a shoutout to Pn Azura. I hope my blog is still very interesting and mouth watering =). I'm very very positive that my following posts will be even more interesting I should even get 'best blog award' or something. I'm going to go hibernate now.

Peace out,


oh my. procrastination is already starting to show its darkest side. I was planning to study today but instead i slept for 4 hours straight from 3 to 7 in the evening. kind of a 1 whole day wasted. may the Lord help me.

anyway, had handball training this morning in school. lots of people turned up. It was again another good training cause I scored. =) I just can't stop scoring that I feel so bad for other people who doesn't score. So after training, I went for brunch with my family for some gooood curry noodles. and after that i came home. was being lazy for abit. till I fell asleep.

moving on. so I've been pretty much home alone the past few days, especially yesterday night which was friday night. ( I even wanted to go to the chins house, but I failed miserably with no transport and even got lecturing from some chinese aunty from the cab service. Yes, I wanted to take cab. That's how desperate i was. I'm still pissed cause i missed out on McDs). The whole big house to myself. sounds fun. but pretty scary. I'm once again calling anyone available to please visit me at my house AT ALL TIMES. thank you. I have to go make my stomach a happy organ now. till then...oh and stay tuned as the next post is gonna be about my cooking post. =)

Peace out,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

stress stress

I think the stressful life of form 4 is finally kicking in.

paying attention
being a 'star student'
...and just so much more.

exams are around the corner and I'm not proud to say this but I have not started studying yet. I'm aiming to do well for my 1st mid semester exam. Let's just hope it'll come true.
Anyways, highlight of the day was during physics. I actually listened, paid attention and most of all, understood what was going on in class. =) but right before class ended. I realized that I had lost my physics homework exercise book. SO I'M MAKING A PUBLIC NOTICE HERE. ANYONE WHO FINDS OR STOLE OR 'ACCIDENTALLY TAKEN' MY BOOK. PLEASE GIVE IT BACK. I WILL NOT BLAME YOU. AND INSTEAD YOU WILL BE GREATLY REWARDED. YOUR HONESTY WILL BE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. please and thank you.

so my mum had just left to Australia for a week. anyone who wants to visit. please feel free to do so. as I will require some company.

peace out,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Swimming Gala

Swimming gala.

I did not attend.
Thanks for reading. =)

Just another post.

I would like to start off by telling you guys about my handball experience with my fellow handball mates last Saturday at Cheras. It was the 1st time playing against cheras team, which was insanely awesome. I shall not further elaborate on how good they are cause it would simply take up this whole post and it would make us damansara team look rather amateurish. So before playing them, we were actually looking forward to it. but we were real scared. cause we knew how good they were. and who knew they were much more than just....good. They should play in college level. It was a really good game although we lost. After the match, our damansara team were so motivated to be as good as them. But it was just a sudden urge. After this, I'm sure nobody would actually bother. So now I dont know what else to blog about. and i shall just tell you everything you need to know about my favourite sport- handball . Its my favourite sport because I'm good at it. =). haha joking. but no really. I think I am pretty good at it.

So that next time we skip school for msskl handball. It does make a big difference in life. cause its a very cool sport. and because we have the potential to win. =)

Handball (also known as team handball, European handball, or Olympic handball) is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six players and a goalkeeper) pass and bounce a ball to throw it into the goal of the opposing team. The team with the most goals after two periods of 30 minutes wins.

Modern handball is usually played indoors, but outdoors variants exist in the form of field handball (which was more common in the past) and beach handball. American handball is a completely different sport.

The game is quite fast and includes body contact as the defenders try to stop the attackers from approaching the goal. Contact is only allowed when the defensive player is completely in front of the offensive player, i.e. between the offensive player and the goal, this is referred to as a player sandwich. Any contact from the side or especially from behind is considered dangerous and is usually met with penalties. When a defender successfully stops an attacking player, the play is stopped and restarted by the attacking team from the spot of the infraction or on the nine meter line. Unlike in basketball where players are allowed to commit only 5 fouls in a game (6 in the NBA), handball players are allowed an unlimited number of "faults," which are considered good defense and disruptive to the attacking team's rhythm.

The guy beside is my favourite handball player. Ivano Balic. I wish to be as good as him one day.
I believe we have a similar fierce look when we take shots. That inspires me to keep pursuing my dreams to be like him.

p.s For those who hasn't seen me play handball before. Please do come as spectators after school on tuesdays and thursdays to open your eyes and be astonished. If not, games carnival is coming up soon. I'm sure you all would know what to do then =). Oh and also, watch out for the most amazing keeper in the galaxy, Goh Chin San.

Anyways, this is just another post of one of my interests. For those who likes handball. good. for those who don't. I think this is a rather boring post. Cause I already feel like it is. It's 12.30 AM now. I'm off to bed. I'll try to update more posts in the next few days. till then....

Peace out,

Struggling to continue.

Dear fans, I am back.

First of all, I would like to apologize to all the loyal followers of my blog out there, especially Pn Azura. I know I got all of you excited at first, like how I did to myself. Despite so, after three posts, I have failed to encourage myself to keep going for more blogging adventure. But now, I am back with the same enthusiasm I had when i first started this blog.

I had previously lost myself in the blog world for the past few weeks, but now, I am found again. I sincerely ask of patience from all my fans and readers. I will constantly try to update it now after a rather less fortunate incident.

Once again. Thank you. and sorry for the lack of interesting posts.